Just as in real estate, moviemaking is all about location, location, location—in terms of where you shoot and where you show. No group takes the aesthetic value of a screening’s surroundings more seriously than the folks at Rooftop Films.

Founded in the summer of 1997 as a way to screen little-seen movies, Rooftop has grown into a full-fledged moviemaking collective, offering touring events, moviemaker grants and equipment rentals. But, of course, screenings are still the main attraction—on rooftops from Manhattan to Montreal.


“At Rooftop, by literally bringing the underground outside, we relax the atmosphere of the screening and engage a much broader public than many festivals,” says Mark Elijah Rosenberg, Rooftop Films’ artistic director. “It’s more populist, and in this way we can introduce people to films and types of film they wouldn’t otherwise see.”

On November 9th, Rooftop Films will hold a special event at St. Bartholomew’s Church in Manhattan, with a screening of Paul Festa’s documentary, Apparition of the Eternal Church, a live organ performance and a Q&A with the moviemaker. “I think the really cool thing about this event is that the film is visually rather simple, but it will be presented in this truly gorgeous, elaborate cathedral,” says Rosenberg of the venue. Though the event will be an indoor one, Rosenberg promises a unique experience nonetheless. “Even when we’re indoors, at Rooftop Films we look to create a dynamic synergy between the film, the space, the artist, the audience. Our presentation of a film is always unique and exciting.”

For more information, visit www.rooftopfilms.com.