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    Extreme Projectionist

    Dennis Nyback is EMPHATIC when he states that the Pike St. Cinema is not located in...

  • Articles - Directing

    Making History Hollywood Style

    For better or worse, movies are the closest thing we’ve got to a cultural Rorshak test....

  • Articles - Directing

    A Touch of Welles

    The last couple of years have been pretty good for Orson Welles, even though he hasn’t...

  • Articles - Directing

    Posing at the Posies

    Chances are you live  in Seattle, so you know what moshing is. I knew, too- sort...

  • Articles - Acting

    Making a Movie, Cont.

    So what do you do with 30,000 feet of film? I am supposed to keep telling...

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    Heaven and Earth More Like Purgatory

    Six Degrees of Separation Plays can be turned successfully into films. Critics seem to forget that Amadeus...

  • Articles - Directing


    17th Portland International Film Festival to Open Dear Editor: The Portland Art Museum Northwest Film Center...

  • Articles - Directing

    High on Hollywood

    When I talked to Steve Wright recently he was negotiating a deal for a used helicopter...

  • Articles - Cover Story

    Scapegoat: Hollywood

    In early December, President Clinton appealed to Hollywood’s elite to curb movie violence and "reshape America’s...

  • Articles - Directing

    Joy & Luck in Hollywood

    Success doesn’t exactly come easy to Ron Bass, but Bass, the co-writer and co-producer of The...

  • Articles - Directing

    McElwee’s March – Part 2

    Part 1 Ross McElwee spoke with Paula Hunt recently at the Vancouver film festival. Part One...

  • Directing

    Visions From Down Under

    As anyone who has seen the movies of Kurosawa, Truffaut, or Bergman knows, great filmmakers tend...

  • Articles - Directing

    Triumph and Tragedy

    In 1954 two exceptional films on organized labor were produced. Elia Kazan’s On The Waterfront worn...

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    Carlito’s Way Off

    Neptune, which has now, for better or worse, moved its art house programming into the Varsity....

  • Articles - Directing

    Video Masturbation

    No, I’m not talking about the kind of self-abuse induced by Debbie Does Dallas. But video...

  • Articles - Acting

    Providence Comes Through

    Part 1, Part 2 The dream began like this. I was once a little boy in...

  • Articles - Directing

    Sweet Little Films

    It’s hard for Zola Mumford to watch Hollywood movies. She says there’s very little in them...

  • Articles - Directing

    That’s a Wrap

    Screenplay writing was by far the most popular subject among the participants. Judging from interviews and...

  • Articles - Cover Story

    Ross McElwee’s March

    Ross McElwee had been making his own brand of independent films for a number of years...

  • old-Articles - SCREENWRITING

    John Cullum

    John Cullum is recognizable to a lot of us only as Holling, the bartender on Northern Exposure,...

  • Articles - Directing

    High and Low

    As those of you who are hardcore cineastes probably know, "High and Low," the headline for...

  • Articles - Directing

    The Friend or Dafoe?

    Prior to Body of Evidence‘s theatrical release a rumor floated that if the film did not...

  • Articles - Acting

    Making Movies

    I am making a movie. Not just a little movie, but a feature length one. And...

  • Articles - Directing

    No Absence of Malice

    Malice This film has nothing to do with malice except for the malice it inspired in...

  • Articles - Directing

    Video Is Not Slumming

    If you’re going to read this column, we must first verify your qualifications. How many of...

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