The 500 camera crews of all sizes from all over the world that converged on Tuesday night in Chicago’s Grant Park for the Obama rally gave the local film community a much needed huge financial boost.

“Every shooter, truck, generator, light and camera in Chicago was on the scene,” said Adam Marton of AM Films. “The entire community flourished like I’ve never seen before.”

Marton, who was shooting for client NBC’s “Extra” TV show, estimated that at least $200 million was spent on what he assessed to be “the largest assembly of personnel and gear I have ever seen during my entire 20-year career.”

He counted 30 satellite trucks, 10 from Chicago, and “the rest from every news station in America,” he said.

Big Shoulders reportedly had the largest contingent of 90 people shooting for its media satellite clients.

“Extra” wanted interviews, and AM Films delivered, said Product Productions’ Phil Contoursi, who was shooting for Marton. “We probably got some of the best interviews of the evening – an exclusive with Oprah coming out of a Porta-Potty, and admitting she’d never been in one before, Spike Lee and the rapper Common.”

Chicago Scenic Studio supplied the main stage and backing wall, and designed and built the lectern from which President-elect Obama addressed the world. It also provided the array of U.S. flags that adorned the stage.

Without a doubt, Contoursi said, the rally was the biggest one he had ever seen “and I’ve covered presidential elections since the early ‘80s.

“How efficiently and flawlessly it was organized and facilitated by city services demonstrated how expertly Chicago can handle big, international events – and how well, hopefully, we will be able to handle the Olympics,” he said.

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