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Viola Davis, Jenny Slate, and Barrack and Michelle Obama were among Hollywood figures who shared reactions to Friday’s news that the Supreme Court has voted to overturn Roe v. Wade — the landmark 1973 decision that previously protected a woman’s right to an abortion in the United States.

The decision gives states the power to make their own laws on abortion, and about half of them are expected to all but outlaw the procedure, according to The New York Times.

“And so it goes….Gutted. Now more than ever we have to use our voice and power! WE the people,” wrote Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom star Viola Davis.

Former President Barrack Obama, who now produces films with former first lady Michelle Obama, wrote on Twitter: “Today, the Supreme Court not only reversed nearly 50 years of precedent, it relegated the most intensely personal decision someone can make to the whims of politicians and ideologues—attacking the essential freedoms of millions of Americans.”

However, it’s worth noting that many on Twitter are criticizing Obama today, citing a New York Times story from 2009 that details his one-time vow to codify Roe v. Wade while in office, but that he did not end up doing so.

Michelle Obama also shared her thoughts on the decision in a statement, writing that she is “heartbroken” about the “horrifying” decision.

Jenny Slate, whose 2014 film Obvious Child addresses abortion wrote, “The Supreme Court’s decision to strip our right to abortion is outrageous and dangerous — and I intend to help fight back. For now, if you need an abortion, call 1-800-230-Plan or AbortionFinder.org.

The Cable Guy actress Kathy Griffin suggested that the confirmation of Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court three decades ago, after Anita Hill accused him of harassment, led to the Roe v. Wade reversal.  “Thinking about Anita Hill today,” she wrote. “Thinking about what she went through. Believe women. Please.”

Hocus Pocus star Bette Midler had some choice words for former President Donald Trump.

“What absolute irony that the death of #RoevWade should be brought to us by #DonaldJackassTrump, who undoubtedly paid for a hundred of them himself,” she tweeted.

“I’ll bet that draft of the overturn of #Roe was leaked by #Alito himself, to get the anti-abortion states ready for this decision. There are no accidents with this crowd,” she added.

Holes star Patricia Arquette wrote, “This Supreme Court is an absolute disaster. From giving people the right to carry guns to taking away women’s rights of autonomy over their own bodies. We weren’t being reactive, we saw it coming.”

Star Trek and Mulan actor George Takei wrote, “Today’s decision by the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade feels shocking, despite us having known it probably was coming. It feels so very wrong because this is the first time in our history that a constitutionally guaranteed right, one that was granted by the High Court some 50 years ago, has been stripped away by that same Court after those very justices pledged to honor existing law and precedent. They lied to us. We must not let that stand.”

Hunger Games star Elizabeth Banks also feels strongly about the decision.

“This is devastating news for families – men and women – who believe the government should not decide when and with whom they become parents,” she wrote. “This is not the end of this fight for human rights.”

Family Guy and Ted actor Seth McFarlane wrote: “Not too long ago, this would have been dystopian sci-fi. But the legacy of the 2016 election and the indelible mark of the GOP is printed here in black and white. How much farther this will go once again depends on American voters. Blame extremism or apathy, but this is America.”

Game of Thrones and Dark Phoenix star Sophie Turner said in a video on her Instagram story: “Overturning Roe v. Wade is setting us back 50 years, this isn’t going to save any lives. It’s going to kill and endanger millions of women who are going to end up getting backstreet abortions, dangerous back street abortions, and end up dying from it.”

Turner also called the decision “absolutely fucking disgusting.”

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