The winners of the 2008 Eastman Scholarship and the Kodak Faculty Scholars Program were announced at the 62nd annual University Film & Video Association Conference in Colorado on August 13th.

The top Eastman Scholarship was given to Temple University student Marc D’Agostino, who received $5,000 in cash in addition to an Eastman Product Grant worth an additional $5,000. The scholarships were decided based upon all the works submitted by the students, academic achievement and faculty recommendations. The Kodak Filmschool Competition, which recognizes achievement in cinematography, was given to Concordia University student Aonan Yang, who received a $2.000 Eastman Product Grant.

The Kodak Faculty Scholars Program gave its award, which selects the faculty member who best developed a learning experience based on work samples, to Columbia College Chicago’s Wenhwa Ts’ao. Wendy Elms, Kodak’s Entertainment Imaging Group education manager, notes that through these scholarships and awards and “by helping the next generation of filmmakers shoot on film, we can help them enhance their projects through image excellence so they may achieve the best possible result despite working with an often limited budget.”