indieflixlogo.jpgIndieFlix is the fee-free answer to all independent moviemakers seeking representation and distribution assistance. Through its Website,, the company recruits and helps independent-minded moviemakers market and sell their movies on-demand.

“All of the time and energy required [for] marketing while managing your film’s metadata—updating, uploading, shipping masters and inventory or tracking the accounting and payments—is a daunting task when you’re selling on 10 or 20 different, hopefully credible, sites,” says Scilla Andreen, IndieFlix’s co-founder. “While providing fans with the access to one’s work is wonderful, it doesn’t leave much time for filmmaking.”

By listing with the company, moviemakers can gain time and money to begin or continue another project. Plus, they receive one-third of the profits, and automatically increase their exposure through access to the company’s numerous distribution partnerships. “We’re confident [moviemakers] will see greater profits from IndieFlix and will appreciate the control, simplicity and interactivity they get from us,” says Andreen.

According to the company’s founding partners, in the U.S. alone there are over 8,000 independent films produced annually that never see a theatrical release. Now, with companies like IndieFlix on the rise, theaters are no longer the only answer to reaching a wide audience.

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