Here’s the thing. Usually you go to a website and click on the “About Us” page you get a bunch of gobbledy-gook in corporate speak about how “great” the company is, some kind of mission statement crap and of course how high the pedestal the guy who came up with it sits on… Yeah uh. We don’t do that here. I mean, we’re pretty sure we’re great, but we’re going to leave that up to you to decide really, who doesn’t think that *they* are great, right? And, of course, we got a guy who founded the place who’s also the CEO of a growing Independent Film production company. Which is also great but that’s not the important thing about him. The important thing about this guy is that he loves, LOVES Independent Film and everything about it. Seriously. And I’m sure if we looked in a desk drawer around here some intern probably spent a bunch of time on a “mission statement” that, well, went in a desk drawer. is about one thing above all other: truth, beauty, and love — no wait … that’s not it — is about great Independent Film. You want to know “about us” that pretty much sums it up.