Steve Gainer on Mayhem

The Approach: Unleash the camera

How They Did It: Utilizing two DJI Ronin rigs, I was able to move the camera quickly with stability and fluidity. The Ronin is now essential to all of my shoots. Just trying to keep the light off of the walls, however, was a nightmare. White…everywhere I looked was white. Kudos to my great gaffer Srdjan Gojkovic for his vision and skill.

Light Amidst the Mayhem: Director Joe Lynch is both talented and terribly funny. He got dehydrated one day and had to get an IV, and was yelling “Action” from a gurney. He never quit!

The Takeaway: Shooting in Belgrade, Serbia, isolated from my daily routine in L.A., I came to realize just how important moviemaking is to me. Aside from my family, it’s the greatest blessing in my life.

Steven Yeun as Derek Cho in Mayhem. Image courtesy of RLJE Films

Tech Box

Shooting days: 25

Camera: Two Sony PMW-F55s

Lenses: Vintage Cooke Series II TLS, rehoused

Lighting: Arri

Picture post/DI: MPI at Warner Studios Burbank

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