Michael Simmonds on Halloween 

The Approach: Keep it simple, stupid

How They Did It: By listening to Dean Cundey, the DP of the first Halloween and many other great films. We talked over the phone during prep, and he told me to be true to the story and not to follow cinematic trends. He reinforced the idea that all shots must be functional and essential to the story, not just pretty. Let the story and character logic lead the camera, and not vice versa; don’t get bogged down in dogma or concept.

The Takeaway: Life is short and each film gives you more gray hair, so choose them wisely!

Nick Castle as Michael Myers in Halloween. Image courtesy of Universal Pictures

Tech Box

Shooting days: 28

Camera: Two Arri Alexas

Lenses: Cooke Anamorphic Primes and many different zooms

Lighting: About 100 different types

Picture post/DI: Tom Poole, Company 3 

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