Heartland Truly Moving Pictures, a nonprofit organization and presenter of the Heartland Film Festival, has announced its first ever top 10 “Truly Moving Pictures.” The 10 films were selected from the 22 films that were honored with the Heartland Truly Moving Picture Award by the organization in 2009. These films embody Heartland’s mission of inspiring hope and emphasizing the best of the human spirit. “It is our hope that the Truly Moving Picture Award will become a standard that filmmakers and studios wish to aspire to,” said Jeffrey L. Sparks, president and CEO of Heartland Truly Movie Pictures. “We hope to be able to encourage filmmakers and studios to make more of these enriching and inspiring films.”

The Top 10:

1. The Blind Side- Warner Bros.
The Blind Side chronicles the true and awe-inspiring story of current Baltimore Raven, Michael Oher, and the one woman, and family, who, despite their differences refused to give up on him.

2. Invictus- Warner Bros
Set in the aftermath of post-apartheid South Africa, Invictus chronicles Nelson Mandela’s determination to repair his segregated country, and his unlikely partner, the all white South African rugby team, in enacting lasting change.

3. The Horse Boy- Zeitgeist Films
The Horse Boy follows a couple, who trek through the mountains of Mongolia, in the attempts of securing shamanic healing for their autistic son. The film is a testament to a parent’s undying love and will for a child.

4. Up- Disney/Pixar
Up brings us the heart warming adventure of a 78 year old widow, who despite his age, fulfills a promise to his wife and embarks on a journey of discovery.

5. The Cove- Lions Gate
The Cove, a documentary that addresses the mistreatment of dolphins off the coast of a Japan, won the U.S. Audience Award at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival and continues to inspire and educate audiences.

6. Herb & Dorothy- Fine Line Media
Megumi Sasaki’s documentary profiles Herb and Dorothy Vogel, contemporary art enthusiasts, whose passion for the arts motivated them to donate their extensive collection without compensation.

7. The Soloist- Paramount Pictures
Based on the life of Nathaniel Ayers, The Soloist is an inspiring story that reveals both the transformative effects of music and the power and realities of unlikely friendship.

8. The Boys are Back- Miramax Films
The Boys are Back, based on the book The Boys are Back in Town by Simon Carr, follows one man as he navigates his way through both the wonder and fragility of fatherhood.

9. My Sister’s Keeper- Warner Bros.
My Sister’s Keeper is an emotional portrayal of a family’s struggle with cancer, and a powerful story of one child’s sacrifice for her sister.

10. Amreeka- National Geographic Entertainment
Amreeka explores the hardships facing immigrants and first generation teenagers, and the universal struggle in finding one’s place in a changing world.