Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
directed by David Yates
Get ready to see those black, circular glasses and Hogwarts-encrusted robes again; the sixth installment of the Harry Potter series is now in theaters everywhere and has apparently scared (most) other movies from also premiering this week. It’s the sixth year of school for Harry and the gang (played by Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson) and even crazier things are happening: More of Voldemort’s history is discovered, Harry gets private lessons with Dumbledore, juicy relationships are forged and a mysterious Half-Blooded Prince is introduced in a hand-me-down book. Hopefully director David Yates, who directed 2007’s Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, sticks to the book and doesn’t dive too much into the complicated relationships like in previous movies.

(500) Days of Summer
directed by Marc Webb
Hopefully this 2009 Sundance Film Festival standing ovation-receiver can succeed in its 27-screen release, despite the overwhelming competition of Harry Potter. This is the first feature from Marc Webb, an experienced music video director, and it looks to be another romantic comedy where one person isn’t in love with the other. But hopefully it will be a standout with the always funny Zooey Deschanel and quirky Joseph Gordon-Levitt.