It sounds like the name of a nautical academy, but Full Sail Real World Education has offered moviemakers a quality education over the last 28 years. Located on the outskirts of Orlando in Winter Park, FL, the school offers a bachelor’s degree over the course of 21 months and also offers a degree in Entertainment Business. The school’s Website claims that that it can “help you make a better movie than Battlefield Earth.” If that doesn’t entice you to sign up today, maybe the school’s unique approach to learning will do the trick.

In the film program, students emulate real-life film crews and learn every position on a production ranging from major ones like director and producer to specialty positions like electrician or key grip. Film program director David Franko understands the overlap between different jobs on a film production, and explains how the school’s approach can help bridge these elements. “A student who is interested in becoming a director can benefit from a production design course. Having this course in your back pocket can assist a director in many ways. Students may also find hidden talents they never knew they had.”

New York and Los Angeles are the typical hot spots for film schools, but Orlando unexpectedly has a lot to offer. Outside of beautiful locations, the city offers multiple soundstages and post-production houses, and the film incentives are competitive with other large cities.

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