What makes a scene work?

Does it lie in the carefully executed plans of a film’s cast and crew? Or does the magic rest upon fortuitous mistakes, spontaneity and improvisation? What steps must be taken to convey your vision and intent? Watch our video series, Frame of Mind, to get answers to these questions and more from commentators working in a wide variety of areas in production who’ll guide you through clips from their films, in their own words. Moviemakers and film fans: Grab your notepads, popcorn, or both, and press play.

Budgetary concerns should never taper the scope of any moviemaker’s vision. Australian moviemaker Shane Abbess has been crafting ambitious sci-fi epics for a while, and by now has nailed all the D.I.Y. details that are unnoticeable for a viewer immersed in his worlds. In this clip for The Osiris Child, Abbess lends his inside knowledge, letting us in on little secrets like how his team retrofitted the roof of the soundstage for this action sequence. Without getting lost in the immensity of the world he created, Abbess still takes notice of small details, like ensuring his lead Kellan Lutz isn’t handling his firearm too professionally. The chief job of the director: keeping the macro and the micro in mind at all times, Abbess showcases mastery of this balance.

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The Osiris Child opened in theaters October 6, 2017 and is now available on VOD, courtesy of RLJ Entertainment. Video courtesy of RLJ Entertainment.