“Our aim is to eliminate the ‘starving artist’ mentality and emphasize the business aspect of moviemaking,” explains Florida Media Market founder Maritza Guimet. Based in Southern Florida, the Florida Media Market is a non-profit organization meant to connect the independent film community with international financiers, distributors and other members of the business half of the moviemaking process. As a moviemaker herself, Guimet had often undergone the arduous process of appealing to outsiders for funding and attending international markets to do so. Finding a great many people interested in the Sunshine State’s moviemaking community–particularly the growing Latino contingent–she brought together the Florida Media Market and its annual Global Film and Media Market. “Even though the Florida Media Market is based in South Florida, that doesn’t mean there’s necessarily a Latino bent to our efforts. There’s a reason why this is called a Global Conference. We have projects from all over the world: Canada, Eastern Europe, the Far East, the U.S.A. and, of course, Latin America too!”

This year’s global event will run October 18-21 in Miami and host more than 200 top media professionals from over 13 countries, ready to hear pitches and buy completed projects from attendees. But more than a place to network (showcases that include screenings are also planned for the event), the Global Film and Media Market hosts workshops and clinics on everything from advertising to international project management. “It’s a lively cross between, say, the IFP Market and Sundance–with the glitz and glamour that only South Florida can provide,” says Guimet.

In another effort to help the independent moviemaker, Florida Media Market will hold its second annual Project-A-Thon this winter–opening the opportunity for more industry mingling and project financing. Last year’s event helped 13 projects reach development.

To get more information on the Florida Media Market or how you can attend this year’s Global Film and Media Market, visit www.floridamediamarket.com.