Fletcher Camera & Lenses, the Midwest’s leader in high-end camera and lens rentals for the television, film and commercial industries, has announced Tim Caldwell as their new Technical Services Manager.

“Tim’s rich technical background and commitment to service make him an ideal fit to lead our Services Division,” says Zoe Borys, General Manager of Fletcher Camera & Lenses.

With 28 years of experience as a camera operator/technician and service provider in the film and digital industry, Caldwell was central in Panavision’s manufacturing division, where he played an important role in successfully executing the company’s signature Millennium camera and Primo lenses. Caldwell also worked as Service Manager for Panavision NY, simultaneously establishing their new HD department. During this time he was recruited by the US and Canadian rental house Plus 8 to head their operations department in Burbank and New York.

Caldwell received his BA from UCLA’s film school and is a self-proclaimed photographer at heart. He has participated on a number of high-profile productions, including “The Sopranos,” I Am Legend, the Star Wars prequel trilogy and the Golden Globe-winning “Boardwalk Empire.”

“I feel very fortunate to be a part of Fletcher,” Caldwell stated. “[I] feel Chicago is in a really great position to shine and show what it has to offer in the production industry. I… truly find it a pleasure to help provide the tools that give filmmakers and artists the ability to work at the top of their game.”

For more information on Fletcher Camera & Lenses, visit www.fletch.com.