Screencraft Presents The Craft and Business of Screenwriting (Ken Miyamoto)

We’d be remiss not to mention ScreenCraft’s own, which features essays, articles, and collected thoughts edited — and often written—by ScreenCraft’s own Ken Miyamoto, where he offers the general guidelines and expectations of the film and television industry when it comes to screenwriting.

It’s one thing to learn from those sitting at the top of the totem pole; it’s another to learn a more realistic and street level approach from someone that has been on both sides of the Hollywood table—in development as a studio script reader and as a blue-collar, produced and working screenwriter still in the trenches—who knows the current trials, tribulations, and goings-on for screenwriters trying to break through.

The book offers a more contemporary and ground level take on the art, craft, and business of screenwriting.

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