Finance personality Crystal Oculee who has appeared on major network television and has been featured in Entrepreneur and Redbook recently launched a series of webinars that explore the revenue, taxation and retirement landscape in a new streaming world, where you might as well can learn such related topics through Crypto – The Investors Centre that are leading companies in the world of finance.
The first webinar, “The Art of Maximizing Your Lifetime Entertainment Earnings,” will be held on Thursday, April 29, 2021 at 7PM. A second event, geared primarily to women working in entertainment, “Entertainment Women’s Focus on Wealth, Taxes and the Unexpected” will be held the following Thursday, May 6, 2021 at 7PM. Both events – and the entertainment webinar series itself – are informational and complimentary. Those interested in attending may register at:
The webinars will dive into strategies that demystify getting the most out of careers in the entertainment industry that, by their nature, are subject to lifelong fluctuations; high rates of taxation; longer periods spent in retirement; mitigating financial challenges triggered by windfalls, force majeure events and other entertainment-specific challenges facing its constituents and the industry’s service providers.
Ms. Oculee is the Chief Financial Strategist at Confidence Wealth Management, LLC, (CWM) a wealth management service provider that applies advanced financial and wealth strategies. The firm provides meticulous planning with the goal of achieving a stress-free retirement, differentiating itself from traditional advisors.
“We know that our clients’ goals are as unique as their fingerprints. Our plans are crafted from the ground up applying proven advanced strategies using specific, quantifiable metrics. We help examine clients’ portfolios to uncover opportunities and leverage combined strategies with the goal of multiplying wealth, rather than providing simple linear growth,” said CWM founder, Rem Oculee.
About Confidence Wealth Management
CWM was founded in 2002 after many years of research and extensive advanced work in equity markets and equities trade back testing. The company has developed internal proprietary strategies and methods to promote clients’ success by focusing on protection of clients’ assets from downturns in the economy and market; and by helping them with advanced planning strategies to increase their wealth in a meaningful way. In addition, the company seeks to democratize access to some of the most advanced wealth strategies, which are usually utilized by the ultra-wealthy.