faux-hollywood-theatre.jpgThe Faux Film Festival is Oregon’s irreverent alternative to the hyper-serious highbrow festivals that dominate the circuit. From fake commercials and alternative takes on training videos to music video parodies and mockumentaries—plus everything in between—some of the country’s best satire put to celluloid is showcased during the four-night event. And anyone attending is pretty much guaranteed to leave the festival in pain (from side-splitting laughter, of course).

The idea for this unique festival was put into play in 2005 when Mike Shkolnik found there was every conceivable type of film festival running in the U.S.—except one that catered to the type of films he wanted to make. “I made a faux trailer called Zombie Vegetarians and discovered there was no festival appropriate for this type of film, so I created one!” explains Shkolnik.

Held at Portland’s Hollywood Theatre, the Faux Film Festival costs attendees only $7 for a full night of some of the funniest shorts and features independent moviemakers have to offer. With such a great deal for attendees, the festival has quickly found a fan base, and last year found itself the hottest place to see the Alejandro González Iñárritu-inspired dieting spoof 21 Carbs, or Evan Lieberman and Eddy Von Mueller’s Lady from Sockholm, featuring the acting talents of sock puppets. It’s probably not so far-fetched to say you should expect more where that came from at the 2007 fest, which begins on March 29 and ends, appropriately, on April 1.

Visit www.fauxfilmfestival.com for more information.

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