At what point will our online presences actually define who we are? Have we already reached that point?

Sherwin Shilati’s first feature People You May Know seeks to examine these questions as it spotlights some of the absurdities of the social media world we find ourselves in. Comedian Nick Thune stars as Jed, a 30-something who swears off social media, but through happenstance finds himself allured by the charms of an online life that oversells (to say the least) what is actually occurring in his real life.

This exclusive clip finds Jed and Franky (Kaily Smith Westbrook) reflecting on the time before the internet and social media—sharing the unique insight that their generation is the only to straddle the previous (more analog) age, and this new social media-crazed age that is rapidly being ushered in.


People You May Know was released on demand on November 28, 2017, courtesy of The Orchard. Video courtesy of The Orchard.