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MALL ROBBERS is my second comedy feature, a sort of sequel to my first comedy feature COUNSELING DAY. And since I named the story MALL ROBBERS, I needed an actual mall to film it in. But because my budget was less than 40k and I was shooting 16mm film, that left about three bucks for location fees. So I put together a glossy press kit with newspaper and film festival reviews from my first movie and approached a mall north of Seattle.
Turns out they gave me 30 nights of full access to both the interior and parking lots, all lights, and a security guard to lock and unlock doors for free!
Not only do I have the biggest building within 30 miles as a set piece in my film, but in the spirit of Dawn Of The Dead, Mallrats, and Back To The Future, I now have a mall in one of my pictures!!

You too can do something like this!

Watch the trailer at
The DVD comes with a 4-hour ‘making of’ documentary.

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