Disaster Movie
directed by Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer
Get excited everyone—the team behind the Scary Movie series, Epic Movie and Date Movie has a new one they’ve just let loose: Disaster Movie. Since mocking chick flicks, ridiculing big-budgeted Hollywood features and spoofing the horror genre four times over wasn’t enough for the dynamic duo of Friedberg and Seltzer, they have given yet another group of films a kick in the head. Their newest satiric creation spoofs recent films such as Hancock, The Incredible Hulk, Sex and the City and even Juno. This movie, like many of the team’s pervious works, also stars Carmen Electra—and it seems like she’s making quite a name for herself as a spoof genre starlet. We have to wonder: Will this new genre ever have its fill?

Babylon A.D.
directed by Mathieu Kassovitz

With an estimated budget of $60 million, Kassovitz went all out with his latest feature. The production, in fact, went over its expected budget and timeframe in the midst of filming throughout Europe, forcing their insurance company to bail them out. Babylon A.D., which was adapted from the French novel Babylon Babies, follows a mercenary (Vin Diesel) who must escort a woman from Russia to China. The woman, however, is carrying an organism that may become the next Messiah and thus is sought after by everyone. French veteran superstar Gérard Depardieu makes an appearance in the thriller as well. Kassovitz became famous for his portrayal of crime-ridden life in the Paris suburbs in his 1995 film, La Haine, but is probably better known by American audiences for his role as the shy male protagonist in Amélie and director of the 2003 thriller, Gothika.

directed by Jeffrey Nachmanoff
The writer of the 2004 disaster film The Day After Tomorrow has returned to the screen as both writer and director of a new drama muddled in conspiracy. Guy Pearce plays an FBI agent who is obsessed with uncovering the truth behind the mysterious attacks occurring throughout the world and must track down the man who he believes is behind it all (Don Cheadle). The crew traveled to Canada, France, Morocco and Chicago to film this conspiracy thriller. Also, working along with Nachmanoff in developing the screenplay was actor-writer Steve Martin.

directed by Deb Hagan
Watch out high school seniors: College is coming! Wild frat parties, scantily clad sorority girls and dumb jocks—doesn’t this describe college perfectly? In Hagan’s first feature, College, it certainly does. In the movie, three seniors visit a college campus to help make informed decisions regarding their future; so, of course, the three spend the weekend getting the “real” college experience through (obviously) partying as much as possible. Nickelodeon TV actor Drake Bell of “Drake & Josh” stars as one of the fresh-faced seniors.