While Details Magazine has always been more concerned with the finest in men’s style and fashion, their recently announced partnership with NEHST studios has them trading in what it takes to dress like a movie star with actually making movie stars. The partnership is calling upon Details readers to submit movie concepts with the ultimate opportunity of being made into a feature-length movie. The project, whose submission deadline is May 1, 2009, will allow all creative individuals to catch their big break and cut to the front of the moviemaking line with a geenlit movie. The chosen idea, which should be an innovative and developed concept of cultural relevance in addition to being related to the Details reader, will have undergone a vigorous evaluation process with production and filming commencing shortly thereafter.

According to Larry Meistrich, chairman and founder of NEHST, the project is an attempt to level the playing field in Hollywood, giving all movie lovers the chance to get into the business of making movies. “Too often, great ideas go undiscovered in Hollywood,” says Meistrich, who produced such hits indies as Sling Blade and You Can Count on Me. “We want to open the doors, pull back the curtain and take down the velvet ropes to give everyone the chance to have their ideas heard.” So, with the ropes down and nothing in your way, it’s time for all you aspiring moviemakers to take back the screen.

For more information, visit http://details.pitchnehst.com.