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Actors Hold Charity eBay Auction for Actress Babz Chula

Actors Hold Charity eBay Auction for Actress Babz Chula

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Babz Chula is an award-winning Canadian actress and crucial presence in Vancouver’s independent film scene. She is also a cancer survivor who recently discovered that her breast cancer, that was thought to have been defeated, has traveled to her liver. In the face of increasing medical bills, a group of Canadian actors have formed the Babz Chula Lifeline for Artists Society.

The Society, whose members include Nicholas Lea, Suleka Mathew, Gabrielle Miller and Ben Ratner, will conduct an eBay auction April 2 though April 12 to raise funds for Chula’s medical fees. Up for bid will be dinners with actors such as David Duchovny, Nicholas Lea, Chris Carter, Callum, Keith Rennie and Peter DeLuise as well as collectible movie memorabilia including an autographed slate from the upcoming “X-Files” movie and original shooting scripts for the Burt Lancaster film Atlantic City and the Robert Altman flick Quintet.

The Society is looking to raise $250,000 for Chula’s treatment, which, in addition to traditional chemotherapy, will include naturopathic treatment that is not covered by her health insurance. Throughout her treatment Chula plans to maintain a blog, which she has already used to introduce visitors to the cause and detail her situation with extraordinary grace and honesty. In addition to the auction, the Society is also accepting donations.

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