Sydney Prosser in American Hustle (2013)

Movie Cons We Fall for Every Time

Amy Adams in American Hustle. Sony Pictures Releasing.

Amy Adams’ Sydney Prosser — who also goes by the “Lady Edith Greensly” — is the more lovable, seductive half of a con artist partnership with Christian Bale’s Irving Rosenfeld.

When FBI agent Richie DiMaso (Bradley Cooper) catches them in a loan scheme, the FBI enlists them in a sting operation to snare the mayor of Camden, New Jersey, Carmine Polito (Jeremy Renner).

You can get caught up in the complicated criminal machinations of American Hustle, or just enjoy the lavish late ’70s-early ’80s vibes and incredible performances, as well as the glitzy wardrobes of Prosser and Irving’s wife, Rosalyn (Jennifer Lawrence.) The movie looks dazzling, and Prosser is so charming that you find yourself rooting for her even when you shouldn’t.

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