Rick Morehouse in Just One of the Guys (Played by Clayton Rohner)

Don’t worry, not every film on this list follows the ’80s movie formula of a hero or heroine who pines after someone yellow-haired while overlooking the brunette who’s been there for them all along.

Take for example the delightfully insane Just One of the Guys, in which female high school journalist Terri Griffith (Joyce Hyser, above left) goes undercover as a boy, for the sake of journalistic investigation, then falls for awkward new student Rick (Clayton Rohner, above right).

Naturally, she poses as his new male best friend to teach him to be one of the guys, before her deception is revealed and many lessons are learned.

And before you impotently protest, “What? The title refers to Terri, not Rick!” please understand that it refers, in fact to both of them: Just One of the Guys is a fascinatingly complex film that works on a multitude of levels.