A new role-playing game by Filmevent lets players direct and star in their own film, turning any living room into a movie set.

Filmevent, a pioneer in interactive entertainment, has launched Road to Hollywood, a groundbreaking game that makes filmmaking accessible to everyone. Inspired by a decade of creating engaging film experiences, Filmevent has distilled its expertise into a fun, user-friendly game that requires no prior filmmaking knowledge.

The inclusive, cooperative and hybrid activity game invites everyone, from movie buffs to gamers, to share in the fun. Whether a player is looking for a creative outlet or a way to bond with family and friends, Road to Hollywood is the ultimate movie-making experience.

Designed for players of all ages and skill levels, Road to Hollywood takes players on a thrilling journey through the movie-making process. From opening the box to the final premiere, players will embark on a fun-filled adventure, creating a short film that will become a cherished memory.

The game’s setup is not only fun but also simple and intuitive. Each player takes on a role within the film crew and is also assigned an acting part, ensuring everyone experiences the thrill of a real movie production. With the specially designed app, players will step into the director’s role and capture footage directly on a smartphone. The system automatically edits the video, adding music, sound effects, and color grading. Players simply provide the film title and the end credits, and have a polished film to be proud of, making the process easy and enjoyable for all.

But Road to Hollywood is more than just a game – it’s a gateway to creativity, a platform to cultivate teamwork skills, and a window into the enthralling world of movie-making. It’s a powerful tool to ignite the passion for creativity and storytelling in the next generation of filmmakers and actors, fostering a sense of collaboration and learning. By engaging with Road to Hollywood, players are not just having fun, but investing in a valuable learning experience.

Road to Hollywood is the culmination of years of development, leveraging Filmevent’s insights into an engaging format that transforms any space into a film studio.

“With Road to Hollywood, we’re aiming to share the fun of filmmaking with everyone. It’s about bringing that magic into every home, making each player a director or actor,” says Thom Seewer, founder and the creative initiator of the project. “We’re bringing the excitement of movie-making to your living room and allowing you to explore your creativity in a fun, engaging, and meaningful way.”

The Kickstarter campaign that launches today, June 12, aims to fund the initial production and further development of additional gameplay scenarios. “We are starting with a Mafia Thriller and have plans for many more stories, including Western, Crime, and Zombie themes, based on community feedback,” shares Manuel Jäggi, one of the game’s creators. “The game is available for pre-order on Kickstarter. By supporting the campaign, you’ll not only get access to the game at a discounted price, but you’ll also be supporting the art of movie-making and creativity.”

“To support the campaign and join in on this filmmaking adventure, visit our Kickstarter page, follow us on social media, and watch our promotional video to see Road to Hollywood in action,” encourages Lucca Jäger, the creative mind behind the game.