Parasite Bong Joon-ho Bret Easton Ellis

Did Bret Easton Ellis finally say something everyone can agree on? The American Psycho writer, who has been blasted online for his opinions on films like The Hurt Locker and Black Panther, says the online backlash to Parasite proves that “social media is a hate machine.”

On his latest Bret Easton Ellis Podcast, which you can listen to here, Ellis takes issue with both people who saw Parasite as a victory for diversity at the Oscars, and people who suddenly took issue with Parasite after it cleaned up at the Oscars.

Ellis has been praised Parasite since the fall, and predicted months ago that it would be a Best Picture favorite.

“Immediately after [Parasite] sweeping the awards, the haters came out,” he said on the podcast. “And it seemed, suddenly, that there were many people who didn’t like Parasite at all,” Ellis said in a wrap-up of the latest Oscars ceremony.

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(Warning: The following quote has mild spoilers.)

“It seemed everyone was with the movie until the twist that happens a little over midway through, and many people were vocal in their distaste about the movie’s very violent, bloody climax and a child’s birthday party: ‘Too broad, too cartoonish, not real enough, not serious enough, dumb ending,'” Ellis continued.

“All of it started dripping forward on the days following the awards as the entertainment press exalted that the Academy finally got it right. And this was due to a slightly more diverse membership. Uh, no guys. Not really.”

He continued: “Parasite was simply the best movie, and that’s what you’re supposed to vote for,” Ellis said. “The haters are everywhere… and the backlash to Parasite on social media is yet another reminder that social media is a hate machine, and that is mostly what people use it for.”

“You can never reiterate this enough,” Ellis concluded.

The latest Bret Easton Ellis podcast includes Ellis’ full rundown of the Oscars, including his observations about Marriage Story, Jojo Rabbit and The Irishman‘s shutout.