This past weekend didn’t see many major releases; only Season of the Witch and Country Strong (which had a limited release on January 7th) were competing against films that had already had their shot at box office glory. Sadly enough for Witch Hunter Nicolas Cage and Country Singer Gwyneth Paltrow, moviegoers still prefer U.S. Marshal Jeff Bridges and Slapstick Comedian Robert De Niro over either of them.

True Grit topped the box office with a weekend gross of $15 million, bringing its total gross to $110.4 million. Little Fockers grabbed the second spot (weekend gross $13.7 million, total gross $123.9 million). Season of the Witch came in third, with its gross on opening weekend coming to $10.7 million. Fourth and fifth went to TRON: Legacy (weekend gross $9.8 million, total gross $147.9 million) and Black Swan (weekend gross $8.3 million, total gross $61.4 million), respectively. Country Strong came in sixth, earning $7.3 million over the weekend. Coupled with the total from its limited release, it has made $7.4 million so far.

Next weekend The Green Hornet, The Dilemma and Rabbit Hole are out in wide release. New limited releases will be Barney’s Version, Burning Palms and A Somewhat Gentle Man (a thematic companion to A Serious Man and A Single Man, with A Joyous Man and A Slightly Perturbed Man still in the works. Probably).