The Rocketeer (1991)

Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

The second Jennifer Connelly movie on our list, The Rocketeer is a throwback to the very earliest superhero movies — like the Batman and Superman serials that would play for pennies at the movie palaces of the 1940s.

Set in 1938, The Rocketeer is a gorgeously Art Deco styled caper about a young test pilot named Cliff (Billy Campbell) who finds a rocket pack that enables him to shoot through the air.

Timothy Dalton is fantastic as the scenery-chewing, Errol Flynn-mustchioed Neville Sinclair, who wants Cliff’s jet pack and his girl, the glamorous aspiring actress Jenny Blake, played by Jennifer Connelly in one of the early roles that signaled her career would soon take off like a, well, rocket.

I saw this in a theater as a 16-year-old boy, which is the ideal way to see it, if you can arrange that.

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