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Best Places to Live and Work as a Moviemaker 2015: Top Five Towns

Best Places to Live and Work as a Moviemaker 2015: Top Five Towns

Winter 2015



3. Santa Fe, New Mexico

Romantic, beautiful, and historic, Santa Fe is distinguished for being a multicultural arts hub in the New Mexican desert. “The creative environment drew me to Santa Fe,” said Jane Rosemont, director, writer and producer of the award-winning 2014 documentary short “Pie Lady of Pie Town.” “We had a rental home here and, as a fine art photographer, my visits became longer and longer… then I got smart and moved here full time.”

Jane Rosemont and Wes Studi of "Pie Lady of Pie Town." Courtesy of Jane Rosemont

Jane Rosemont and Wes Studi of “Pie Lady of Pie Town.” Courtesy of Jane Rosemont

About local filmmaking spirit, Rosemont said, “When I was looking for a director of photography and an editor, all I needed to do is ask my friends in the industry here. Everyone is eager to help match up appropriate workers with filmmakers. There are enough resources for a rich pool, but it’s not overwhelming.” That rich pool includes actor Wes Studi (who provided narration on Pie Lady) and author George R. R. Martin of the A Song of Ice and Fire saga made world-famous by HBO’s Game of Thrones. Those two are permanent fixtures at the Santa Fe Independent Film Festival, which is held in part at Martin’s own recently restored Jean Cocteau Cinema.

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  1. Filmmaker’s new social media platform is along the Clark Fork River in Missoula, Montana too!, check it out. It’s connecting filmmakers, film festivals, people in the industry and cinephiles from around the world!

    • Gina Lazarowich says:

      Vancouver, BC Canada is the BEST place to shoot movies (and TV) and live here…with being one of the #1 most beautiful cities in the world, it’s ideal to shoot…A-list crews, healthy lifestyle living for the Actors, Directors and Producers that fly in and end up living here…and only 2.5 hours from LA!…should I mention the 33% tax incentive for shooting here AND the dropping Canadian dollar, all add up to why we are called “Hollywood North”.

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