Batman Movies Ranked

Batman Returns (1992)

After the success of Batman, Tim Burton went even more Tim Burton in this gothic Christmas story featuring a fantastic turn by Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman. We also loved Christopher Walken hamming it up as ruthless businessman Max Shreck, and of Michael Gough as Alfred. But we find Danny DeVito’s Penguin maybe too good — the character is so sad he’s hard to watch.

If you grew up watching Michael Keaton in comedies like Mr. Mom and Johnny Dangerously, it was a little hard, in 1989, to get used to the idea of him playing Bruce Wayne and Batman. But by Batman Returns we had acclimated to the idea quite nicely, and loved him unreservedly in the cape and cowl.

Keaton and Burton were right all along about the casting — it just took us a little while to see the vision.

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