Batman Movies Ranked

The Batman (2022)

The Batman
Lt. James Gordon (Jeffrey Wright) tries to hold back The Batman (Robert Pattinson). Photo by Jonathan Olley/DC Comics.

Robert Pattinson may be the best Bruce Wayne/Batman besides Christian Bale — we love his broken, battered, disoriented take on the Caped Crusader as he struggles to decide who or what he really is. His identity crisis is the highlight of Matt Reeves’ very 1970s-influenced take on Batman, which pays homage to conspiracy thrillers from Klute to All the President’s Men.

Given all the work Reeves did to build a new Batworld in this movie — including with the introduction of Zoë  Kravitz’s Catwoman and an unrecognizable Colin Farrell’s Oswald Copperbot — we can’t wait to see what the sequels will yield. And we’re looking forward to the upcoming Penguin solo TV series.

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