Batman Movies Ranked

Batman (1966)

This movie is campy, ridiculous, cheap-looking, and an absolute charmer.

For the first years of our lives, Adam West was the Batman — cool, resolute, incorruptible. We didn’t even pick up on the camp. It was beautiful to see him shine on the big screen.

We also love Burt Ward as Robin and the original onscreen rogue’s gallery of bad guys, including Cesar Romero as a mustachioed joker, the great Frank Gorshin as The Riddler, and Lee Meriwether as Catwoman (we also love the other two 1960s Catwomen – Eartha Kitt and Julie Newmar). But we may love Burgess Meredith most of all for his take on the Penguin, who chews the scenery and that cigarette holder.

Also: The shark scene! We love this movie.

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