Batman & Robin

For our money, this is perhaps the worst movie ever made, when you consider how good it could have been vs. what it turned out to be. It had a red-hot cast including Arnold Schwarzenegger (above), George Clooney, Alicia Silverstone and Uma Thurman, plus Batman, maybe the single-best character in American fiction, and a budget of more than $125 million.

So there are no excuses for the debacle that resulted: Weird costumes, cartoonish execution, and Mr. Freeze puns that are, in retrospect, the only worthwhile part of the movie, in a so-bad-they’re-good kind of way.

But don’t take it from us, take it from George Clooney, who gets many points for honesty: “When I say ‘Batman and Robin’ is a terrible film, I always go, ‘I was terrible in it,” Clooney told GQ in 2020. “Because I was, number one. But also because then it allows you the ability to say, ‘Having said I sucked in it, I can also say that none of these other elements worked either.’ You know? Lines like ‘Freeze, Freeze!’”

We’d much rather see a movie that does that best that it can with a $5,000 budget than a mess like Batman & Robin.