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Avatar Wins at the Box Office: Part Six

Avatar Wins at the Box Office: Part Six

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Avatar is still going strong at the box office, earning $36 million this past weekend, bringing its total gross to a staggering $552.7 million. Earning substantially less than Avatar, Scott Stewart’s Legion opened this past weekend in the number two spot, earning $18.2 million. The Hughes brothers’ Book of Eli, now in its second week of release, earned $17 million, while new release The Tooth Fairy, starring Dwayne Johnson in perhaps the most improbably outlandish movie conceit of all time (a hockey player is turned into the Tooth Fairy) earned $14.5 million. The top five was rounded out by Peter Jackson’s The Lovely Bones, which earned $8.8 million, bringing its total gross to $31.6 million.

Other new releases included Tom Vaughan’s Extraordinary Measures, which came in at spot number seven with a measly $7 million, as well as the low-budget
Brian Baugh’s To Save a Life, making $1.5 million at 443 theaters; Creation, starring Legion’s Paul Bettany as Charles Darwin and taking in $52,000 at seven theaters; and French film The Girl on the Train, grossing $20,000 at two sites.

To compete with Jim Cameron’s Avatar next week will be Mark Steven Johnson’s romantic comedy When in Rome and Martin Campbell’s Mel Gibson-starrer, Edge of Darkness. There will also be several limited releases, including Philipp Stölzl’s German film North Face, Saint John of Las Vegas (starring Steve Buscemi and Sarah Silverman) and “choose your own adventure” feature The Weathered Underground. So make sure to tune in next Monday when we once again tell you how much more money Avatar made than everyone else!

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