The 2019 MovieMaker Sundance Survey: Eleven Sundance-Selected Films, and Their Mountain-Bound Makers

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The 35th Sundance Film Festival received a record-breaking 14,000-plus submissions, with 4,000-plus feature-length films among them.

Of the 112 features selected, 45 of their makers were first-timers. The fest’s slate of fresh, diverse voices (53 percent of directors in the U.S. Dramatic Competition are women, 41 percent are people of color, and 18 percent identify as LGBTQ) indicates a rising tide of programming that’s as inclusive as it is eclectic in its efforts to represent 2019’s standard-bearers of indie film. This sampling of 11 features will get you acquainted with the independents, both emerging and established, whose latest work will be bending genres, breaking ground, and blurring boundaries between fiction and non-fiction storytelling. These are the independent movies that will land on many moviegoers’ must-see maps in the months to come. —MM Editors

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  1. beetv hd

    January 30, 2019 at 4:39 am

    I am happy that I have also participated in that and to be one of the applicants.

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