Listen to Rudy Ray Moore’s Rejected Dolemite Is My Name Songs

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If Rudy Ray Moore had been a more successful singer, the world might never have learned the name “Dolemite”—and Dolemite Is My Name, the Eddie Murphy biopic, might not be delighting audiences today.

The Netflix film opens with Eddie Murphy’s Rudy Ray Moore pleading with DJ Raj (Snoop Dogg), the in-house DJ of the famed record story Dolphin’s of Hollywood, to play his singles. Raj refuses, even though Moore is the assistant manager of the store.

In desperation, Moore adapts the smack-talking “Dolemite” persona from a homeless man named Rico, and goes on to spectacular success.

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But was Moore’s music really so bad that even his co-workers refused to play it? We’ll let you decide. Here are the two of the Rudy Ray Moore songs Snoop’s DJ Raj refuses to play at the start of Dolemite Is My Name, “Buggy Ride,” and “Ring a-Ling Dong.”

Rudy Ray Moore’s pre-Dolemite music career lasted from the late 1950s into the early ’60s, and “Buggy Ride” and “Ring a-Ling Dong” probably sounded dated to the Curtis Mayfield-trained ears of 1970s listeners. They’re also remarkably short on the double entendres (or flat-out raunch) for which Moore became beloved.

But the failure of the songs inspired many more. His toasting routine won Rudy Ray Moore the sobriquet “The Godfather of Rap,”and among the rappers he influenced was DJ Raj himself, Snoop Dogg.

What’s the moral for anyone trying to make it big? When a door closes, a window opens. Stay on that buggy ride.

Dolemite Is My Name is now in theaters and on Netflix.

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