Exclusive: Ultrasound Images Spark a Timely Debate in This Clip from Leena Pendharkar’s 20 Weeks (Video)

With 35 weeks in a traditional nine-month pregnancy, there’s a good 245 days (give or take) of down time to rack up your wildest hopes and fears. How do you handle devastating news 20 weeks in?

Written and directed by Leena Pendharkar (Raspberry Magic), 20 Weeks explores the interpersonal debate of two lovers in the midst of a medical condition haunting their unborn child that is revealed during a 20-week pregnancy scan. Pendharkar’s execution of breezy dialogue shows a strong handle on the medium of independent film as a means to explore even the most uncomfortable situations in life in a thought-provoking way.

Where Juno made a name for itself exploring the realistic social implications of teen pregnancy in 2007, 20 Weeks is a contemporary snapshot of the implications of an untimely pregnancy in 2018. Having enjoyed a well-reviewed and impressive festival run, Pendharkar’s second feature is poised to make a splash with its theatrical release.

In this exclusive clip (below), a hopeful Maya (Anna Margaret Hollyman) and reluctant Ronan (Amir Arison) debate the harsh realities of their situation after sharing a moment with their 20-week ultrasounds.


20 Weeks opens in select theaters April 13, 2018, courtesy of Uncork’d Entertainment. Video and featured image courtesy of Uncork’d Entertainment.

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