Sienna Miller: Scene Cut From American Woman Is ‘the Best Acting I’ve Ever Done’

Sienna Miller American Woman

In American Woman, British-American actor Sienna Miller delivers a gritty, emotionally engulfing performance as Deborah Callahan, a struggling Pennsylvania single mom whose 18-year-old daughter suddenly disappears. But some of Miller’s best acting never made it into the movie.

Miller said at a SCAD Savannah Film Festival screening of the film on Monday night that she agreed with director Jake Scott that the cut scene, a confrontation late in the film, didn’t serve the overall film. So they killed a darling, but not without some regrets.

“We shot a ten-minute scene which I promise you is the best acting I’ve ever done,” Miller deadpanned, adding: “I think it was a really bold choice to make in the edit.”

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Spoilers follow for those who haven’t yet seen the film, which was released in July. The spoilers end with the words “End spoilers.”

The confrontation takes place between Deb and the man who killed her daughter Bridget (Sky Ferreira), and takes place years after Bridget’s disappearance. Deb asks him to walk her through the moments in which he murdered her daughter.

Sienna Miller SCAD American Woman

As Miller explained Monday, Scott didn’t want her to meet the other actor before the scene. His face never appears onscreen, and we never hear his voice.

“There was coverage of him, and coverage of me,” Miller said. “It was just horrendous. And it was beautifully written. All Deb says is ‘Then what happened. And then what happened.”

The character questions her daughter’s killer pragmatically, once wiping away a tear. When the killer volunteers that Bridget fought back and “really hurt me,” Deb “sort of smiles,” Miller said.

End spoilers.

The screening Monday included lots of muffled tears, and Miller earned strong applause.

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American Woman is one of many SCAD Savannah Film Festival screenings that call attention to films created by women or focused on women, heading into awards season. Miller has received very positive reviews for American Woman, in which she sheds her British accent for one from the Delaware River Valley.

She dignifies and celebrates a woman who has been looked down on throughout her life, overcoming a barrage of bad luck and bad men, and builds her grandson into a good man in the process.

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