The Dark Knight Can’t Be Stopped

The joke is on every film to hit theaters. The Dark Knight kept its number one spot at the box office in its third consecutive weekend, taking in $43.8 million and bringing its total gross to just under $400 million. Brendan Fraser’s third film in The Mummy series, Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, opened in the number two spot with much less than studio execs had hoped—totaling in with approximately $42.5 million.

The Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly comedy Step Brothers slipped down to the number three spot this weekend and took in about $16.3 million, while ABBA musical film Mamma Mia! slid to the number four spot with just over $13 million. Fraser’s other film in theaters, Journey to the Center of the Earth, held on to its number five spot, taking in an approximate $6.9 million this weekend.

Will The Dark Knight continue to work its way to become the largest grossing film of all time? What will happen when stoner movie The Pineapple Express and girly delight The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 hit theaters this week? Find out on next week’s Top of the Box Office report.

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