Film School of the Week: UCLA Extension

fsow-ucla-ext.jpgAffiliation by name to one of the country’s best film schools doesn’t put any pressure on the accomplished staff and faculty of UCLA Extension–their product is just as good as the bigger version. The Extension is a certificate-granting program for people not looking for a full degree, but instead needing skills to succeed. “Success in the entertainment business depends not only on who you know, but on what you know,” says Brian Bell, UCLA Extension’s media relations manager. Film courses from UCLA Extension range from “Film Scoring” (the first program of its kind, formed in 1984) to new additions such as “Costume Design.”

In 1922 the school began offering a course they called “Motion Pictures: The Film as a Factor in Molding Tomorrow’s Citizenry.” Interestingly enough, this basis has lasted, guiding many industry professionals along the way, including Academy Award-nominated screenwriter Iris Yamashita (Letters from Iwo Jima).

The spring quarter at UCLA Extension, which began March 31, is offering its established courses on producing, directing and post-production and this year will introduce instruction for aspiring voiceover professionals, costume designers and cinematographers looking to advance to HD. Best of all, as a certificate program, any paying student can attend without worrying about applications or prerequisites.

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Sound Off: UCLA Extension makes it easy for any interested person to attend film school–plus it has that recognizable moniker. But what factors really draw you to film classes?

–Mallory Potosky

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