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The Producer’s Guild of America (PGA) is a resource for all things producing. It allows producers to interact and share information, as well as get together to discuss issues concerning their field.

As the PGA is a professional association and not a union, anyone can join to get the benefits. There are, of course, various application fees and annual dues. Benefits include job leads, access to elite networking opportunities, an extensive library of contracts that producers need to know, access to Academy screenings at awards time and regular seminars. They do not however, get involved with individual projects—so don’t ask them for money for your movie.

Even if you’re not a member of the PGA, the organization’s Website is a great resource tool. There is plenty of information for producers and the rest of us. For example, the site clears up questions about what exactly it is that producers do. For example: A line producer supervises the physical aspects of making a film or TV show, an associate producer supervises a given aspect of the production, which is assigned to him or her from a higher-up and an executive producer supervises pretty much everybody else.
The PGA also offers a series of lectures that are open to the public.

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