Classic film restoration is one of the greatest byproducts of the DVD revolution. The devotion of a niche audience is perfectly served by these technological advances, which offer better viewing experiences of well-loved films as well as an inside look at the minds behind these masterpieces. Several distribution companies have made their name by specializing in this subset of the film world, but few have dedicated themselves to classic horror and cult cinema as passionately as Anchor Bay Entertainment.

Anchor Bay is currently one of the top independent DVD distributors in the U.S., covering a variety of genres from anime to TV series. However, the company’s primary boon is its impressive collection of restored horror and cult films, from Robin Hardy’s The Wicker Man to Michael Lehman’s Heathers. Now Anchor Bay is one-upping itself with the creation of the Anchor Bay Collection, a new series of limited edition DVDs featuring some of the most celebrated modern classics in cult and horror.

“Fans have trusted the Anchor Bay name, ever since the beginning of DVD, to present their favorite cult and horror films with care and respect,” says Mark Ward, vice president of acquisitions at Anchor Bay. “Not only will the Anchor Bay Collection create definitive, archival editions of some of the greatest horror films ever made, but also embrace the best in cult films as well.” First up on the roster will be Stuart Gordon’s 1985 classic Re-Animator, to be released March 20.

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