Creepiest horror movie scenes
A still from Midsommar. Photo credit: A24

If you have a strong stomach and a fascination for the creepiest horror movie scenes, here’s a list that will no doubt pique your interest. From Midsommar to Hereditary and The House That Jack Built, we’ve compiled some of the most messed-up, creepiest horror scenes around.

But instead of focusing on horror movies that have been around so long that their most shocking scenes are probably old news at this point, we’re bringing you scenes from 8 movies all made in the last decade. From a horrible demonic possession scene to a slew of grizzly murders, here are some of the scariest in recent horror movies that, try as you might, you can never unsee.

Before We Get to The Creepiest Horror Movie Scenes

Spoiler warning — if you haven’t seen these movies yet and you still plan to, some major plot points may be spoiled in the descriptions of certain scenes.

Okay, proceed at your own risk!

Click through the pages below to see our picks for 8 of the creepiest horror movie scenes.

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