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The 2019 MovieMaker Sundance Survey: Eleven Sundance-Selected Films, and Their Mountain-Bound Makers

The 2019 MovieMaker Sundance Survey: Eleven Sundance-Selected Films, and Their Mountain-Bound Makers


Dirty God (World Cinema Competition)

Who: Sacha Polak, co-writer and director

Logline: A powerful film about motherhood, courage, and self-acceptance set in contemporary London.

The first spark of an idea for this movie came when: some years ago I attended a music festival, and among the partygoers there was a woman whose face was severely burnt. I looked at her and flinched; my first reaction was to look away. The burnt face twitched and just looking at it hurt. I thought of how terrible it must be to live with such scars, and the fact you can’t possibly hide them. Your face is your identity. It’s the first portal of communication. The idea to make a feature film about a young burnt woman who has to deal with her life planted itself in my head. She struggles with everything with which most young women struggle, only to her something horrible has happened.

The most interesting, weirdest or most difficult location we shot at was: the club in Marrakesh. We were kicked out of the first club we were supposed to shoot in because of its crazy owner. This cost us a day of shooting with 300 extras and we had to ask our crew to stay another day in Morocco and work a seventh day. The next day, our crane collapsed. Our camera assistant saved the camera, but hurt his foot in doing so. That day, our producer went to 20 mosques and gave money to 40 poor people in order to bring us some luck.

When I heard we got into Sundance: I was at my cabin in the woods. It was very early in the morning and I had just come back with my children from the washing area when I saw my producer Marleen Slot standing in front of the cabin holding a bottle of champagne with a huge smile on her face.

Sacha Polak, director of Dirty God. Photograph by Bas Losekoot, courtesy of Sundance Institute

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1 Comment

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