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We love inspiring movies. We love uplifting movies. We hate fake inspiring/uplifting movies.

We’ll all be spending more time inside now, and since there’s not much else we can do, we’ll probably be watching a lot of TV and movies. There’s a point at which the news stops being helpful and starts being depressing, and we recommend you watch something uplifting, perhaps even… hopeful. So here’s our list of inspiring movies that aren’t annoying and fake about it.

You know what we mean: Those movies that are cloying and condescending to their subjects and to you, and try to raid your wallet while warming your heart. William Goldman, who wrote two of the movies on our list, used to call this kind of thing “Hollywood horseshit.”  None of that kind of thing is on our list.

These are movies about real and/or realistic people who did amazing things, and who, in many cases, overcame obstacles much worse than the ones we’re dealing with now. (Not sold yet? How about if we told you there are pictures, too? Huh? Yeahhhhh, right? Click on.)

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