10 of the Best True Crime Docs on Netflix in 2023
Girl in the Picture. Suzanne Sevakis in Girl in the Picture. Courtesy of Netflix

Crime Scene: The Texas Killing Fields

Texas Killing Fields Director Jessica Dimmock Remembers Visiting 'Eerie' Body Dumping Site true crime

Heidi Villareal Fye pictured in Crime Scene: The Texas Killing Fields courtesy of Netflix

This somber and gruesome documentary about a series of missing women whose bodies were discovered in a spooky stretch of fields in Texas is the third in Joe Berlinger’s Crime Scene docuseries anthology following The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel and The Times Square Killer. Both of those are great watches, too. But the third installment in the series is unique because it was directed by Jessica Dimmock, who also did a wonderful Hulu documentary called Captive Audience that’s worth checking out if you feel like straying away from Netflix. I highly recommend The Texas Killing Fields to strong-stomached lovers of true crime, but beware: this one isn’t for the faint of heart.

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