Sundance Dispatch 01: MovieMaker looks into the nuclear (and sexual) future

In this year’s inaugural Park City dispatch, MovieMaker talks with director Alicia Scherson and star Manuela Martelli of the World Dramatic Competition feature The Future. Later, in the New York Film Office on Main Street, we chat with director Robert Stone and author Mark Lynas about their controversial nuclear energy documentary, Pandora’s Promise.


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Filmmaker and editor Dean Pollack’s work has appeared everywhere from Bravo and Hulu to Adult Swim. He just completed his second directorial effort, the feature film Audrey, which traces a single hour in a woman’s day. He discusses the advantages and disadvantages encountered shooting a film set in real time on a single location. Not […]

Still from James Broughton film The Bed. Courtesy of Frisky Divinity Productions.

Stephen Silha is the co-director of Big Joy: the Adventures of James Broughton, a lyrical documentary about the beloved director of The Bed, The Pleasure Garden, This is It and other counter-culture classics. Here, Silha recounts his friendship with the late Broughton, the subject he brings to luminous life along with fellow filmmakers Eric Slade […]

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“The food in that movie looked so good.” There’s nothing quite as aggravating as delicious onscreen food. Think of the plump, glistening, jeweled globs of sashimied perfection served to the camera in Jiro Dreams of Sushi, and weep with frustrated desire. Let’s face it: That film, and others like it, have honed the fine art […]


This week’s Crowdfunder Pick is Ambulante California, a U.S. spin-off of a traveling documentary film festival that’s made the rounds in Mexico for close to a decade. With free screenings and unconventional spaces, the Mexican festival Ambulante engages diverse grassroots communities in the vein of an old-timey circus. With three Mexico tours under its belt, […]

At the Gate 2

Behind the Gate is co-directors Jack Lucarelli and Mark Giardino’s documentary about the tremendous efforts that go into training a racehorse for the Kentucky Derby. Casting his own purebreds as stars of the film, Mark Giardino (both co-director and executive producer) strips horse-racing of its notorious corruption and exposes the purity and glory at its […]

LIIFE Exterior

The Long Island International Film Expo had the honor of being deemed one of the coolest film festivals in the world by our readers last year. What sets LIIFE apart from the myriad of other film festivals (aside from its really cool name) is its community, says director Debra Markowitz. Now in its 17th year, […]


An antidote for cynicism that still upholds the truth of its characters’ struggles, Louise Archambault’s Gabrielle is a refreshingly heartwarming and peculiar love story. The film’s title character is based on Gabrielle Marion Rivard, a real woman with Williams syndrome. Archimbault met Rivard through a local Quebecoise organization called Les Muses, where she was taking […]

Eric Kohn

Every once in a while, film criticism is declared well and truly done for. While the ethos of the practice is far from dead—critical conversations around film and pop culture seem richer than ever before—the profession is indeed endangered. True, today’s online landscape is a more democratic one, making it easier for a young writer […]

Blackmagic Design on the NAB Show Floor (1)

Make your next birthday wishlist with our product picks from the annual NAB Show tech summit. A few years ago it was 2K, then it was 3D, and last year it was all 4K… but when it comes down to it, it’s all a bunch of ones and zeros, right? Although 4K still held a […]