50 Film Festivals Worth the Entry Fee - SFF 2013 Spectacular Now Screening - Featured

Feast your eyes on MovieMaker‘s complete list of the 50 Film Festivals Worth the Entry Fee in 2014. Despite original plan to publish the list in installments (we had already begun here and here), we’ve decided we couldn’t keep the news to ourselves any longer. We’re happy to present our much-deliberated, comprehensive list, featured in […]

Cold in July Featured

Jim Mickle’s new Cold in July trailer guarantees grit, guns, blood, and tears. Not necessarily in that order. Jim Mickle’s first two films Stake Land and Mulberry St were entertaining, if not very sophisticated, forays into modern horror. His 2013 follow-up We Are What We Are showed that Mickle is developing into a refined storyteller, capable […]

Made In LA - Social Action Documentary

In our Spring 2014 Activism in Film issue (available to the public next Tuesday, April 22!), we asked the question: Can your movie change the world? In our cover story, Beth Portello, co-founder of Cinema Libre Studio, interviewed representatives from all the different groups that make social change possible: grant organizations, engagement strategists, producers, distributors, […]

Obvious Child

At first glance, Gillian Robespierre’s feature-length independent comedy might seem like another “first-world-problem”/bourgeois New York City drama about the general malaise hitting affluent members of the young artistic community. However, when we delve more deeply into the first official trailer for Obvious Child, the genuine heart and sense of humor that emanates from lead actress Jenny […]

Living Things directed by Eric Shapiro

Eric Shapiro is the writer and director of Living Things: A Vegan & Meat Debate. A prolific horror writer, Shapiro translates his experience crafting scares into a tense drama about the politics of food, with Rhoda Jordan as a liberal yogini and Ben Siegel as her more conservative father-in-law. In this interview with MovieMaker Magazine, […]

Rick Castaneda 11 Tips For Filming in a Small Town - Featured

It’s often said that creating a boot-strapped, no-budget independent film is a lot like raising a child – it takes a village. But why stop there? If you’re as lucky as we were when we shot Cement Suitcase, you might be able to enlist the muscle of quite a few villages. We shot in seven […]

Forbidden Zone 2 Featured

This week’s crowdfunder pick is Richard Elfman’s Forbidden Zone 2. Fantastic, revolutionary, and irreverent in every way, Elfman epitomizes underground independent filmmaking. In 1980, director Richard Elfman made one of the most hilarious and inventive independent films of all time with the absurdist comedy/fantasy Forbidden Zone. 34 years later, Elfman is raising funds to make […] - Watch Austenland Now!

Watch cutting-edge indie cinema online on without having to leave the MovieMaker community. VOD company Yekra is revolutionary, democratic and DIY: everything we believe in at MovieMaker Magazine. Their slate of VOD releases features films as vastly different and innovative as the inspiring romantic comedy Austenland and the independent horror film American Mary. We’ve selected our 12 favorite […]


Washington, D.C.—This morning, the Embassy of Kenya in the U.S. announced its support for Nairobi Half Life, a Kenyan film screening today as part of the Feature Film Project. As part of The Project, presented by MANHATTAN SHORT and MovieMaker Magazine, Nairobi Half Life will screen in cinemas across the country tonight for one night […]


Read Part 1 Read Part 2 Read Part 3 My favorite metaphor for thinking about artists is as students and teachers. (Since I’m a teacher, I admit that my occupation probably biases me.) Like students and teachers, above everything else, real artists must be humble and willing to learn. They must open themselves up and […]

Alice Englert (ROSA), Alessandro Nivola (ROLAND) and Sally Potter (DIRECTOR).

From Orlando, her audacious breakthrough film (based on a Virginia Woolf novel many considered unadaptable) to the stylistically polarizing Yes (in which most of the dialogue was written in rhyming iambic pentameter), Sally Potter has proven to be a consistently innovative moviemaker. Her latest film, Ginger & Rosa, follows two teen girls (played by Elle […]


The U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs launched the American Film Showcase (AFS) in October, 2011, with the goal of introducing people around the world to American culture and values through the global language of film. The Showcase, administered by the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts, sent contemporary […]


Let’s assume for the moment that this June you’re graduating from film school in, say, New York. You know some moviemakers in Greenpoint who’ll help you work on your projects, and vice versa. But rent, even in the scummier parts of Brooklyn, is exorbitant, and you’re flirting with the idea of leaving town for a […]


Read Part 1 We want our knowledge easy. We want experiences that will snap like Legos into place with what we are already familiar with. But that’s what great art never does. It gets us out of our old patterns and into new rhythms. All growth, if it is important growth, is going to hurt […]

Michael Haneke

Every January when the Academy Awards nominations come out, my reaction follows the same emotional arc. Before I see the list, I start out excited. Last year, for instance, I didn’t expect to find Take Shelter on the Best Picture list (even though it deserved to be immeasurably more than, say, War Horse), but I […]


As Filmmaker Magazine reported in its latest issue, the seminal expert on John Cassavetes’ oeuvre, Ray Carney, has refused to relinquish control of a cache of experimental film prints belonging to the avant garde filmmaker, Mark Rappaport. In a letter to Boston University, where Mr. Carney teaches, Rappaport wrote: “This is not a legal matter between Carney […]


As American filmmakers, we never have to ask ourselves if we’re willing to sacrifice our artistic integrity for fear of imprisonment, or if the political views that underlie our films are worth our liberty. Here in the United States, it’s downright hard to offend people. In a free society, there are fewer consequences for being […]


New York, NY: MANAHATTAN SHORT and MovieMaker Magazine have selected Nairobi Half Life, Kenya’s first official submission for the Academy Awards® and AFI Fest Audience Award recipient, as the winner of the inaugural Feature Film Project. On the night of March 21, 2013, Nairobi Half Life will screen in 100 theaters around the USA. Audiences at those screenings will be asked to […]


With job creation a constant topic in the news, there’s no better time to see Gayle Ferraro’s powerful documentary about microfinance, To Catch a Dollar: Muhammad Yunus Banks on America. The term “microfinance” refers to financial services provided for micro entrepreneurs, small businesses and low-income clients, who lack access to banking and related services due […]


It has been a long-held Hollywood given that a Best Picture Oscar nomination—and especially a Best Picture win—can do wonders for the old bottom line. Yes, studios hungrily vie to snare a Best Picture nomination for prestige and bragging rights, but also so they can benefit from the Oscar “bounce” in box office receipts. Now, […]


by Valentina Valentini | Published January 16, 2013 C.O.G. First Adaptation of David Sedaris’ Work Directed by Kyle Patrick Alvarez There might not be anything more exciting in the world of satirical comedy than the first-ever adaptation of a David Sedaris story. Written and directed by Kyle Patrick Alvarez, who wowed fest audiences back in 2008 with […]


One of the world’s largest creative networks, the video-sharing website Vimeo reaches a global audience of more than 75 million visitors each month. On the site, people from around the world can create, share and discover high-quality and buzzworthy videos. Now, Vimeo is preparing to become an even bigger phenomenon. The site recently announced two […]


Killing Brad Softly Apparently, Brad Pitt‘s reign as a Hollywood superstar is drawing to a close. And with good reason. I mean, what a stupid move, starring in Andrew Dominik‘s chatty, politically charged hitman thriller, Killing Them Softly, instead of oh, I don’t know, something less interesting. Hopefully after the low-budget film’s embarrassing opening weekend […]


But They’re Cheerleaders! I don’t know how you feel about Lucky McKee, but he certainly has his fans among horror geeks, and I’ll admit I find the psychological outcast horror of May and his intensely weird wild woman horror collaboration with Jack Ketchum, The Woman, both very interesting and engrossing, if not exactly brilliant. Now […]

Aaron Sorkin, Sony’s writer for their upcoming Steve Jobs biopic, spoke at Newsweek and The Daily Beast’s Hero Summit last week, saying, “this entire movie is going to be three scenes, and three scenes only, that all take place in real time.” The scenes will be 30 minutes long and are “all set right before […]