DIY Distribution Inspiration: The Journey of Generation Iron
by Vlad Yudin

Director-producer Vlad Yudin’s documentary, Generation Iron (narrated by Mickey Rourke), follows the top seven professional bodybuilders in the world, training and competing to win the sport’s coveted title, Mr. Olympia. The film, which Yudin self-distributed through his own Vladar Company in the fall of 2013, earned $850,000 stateside and over $1 million overseas—not shabby at [...]

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How They Did It: When Genres Collide: Making NC-17 Found-Footage Porn Thriller Lucky Bastard
by Lukas Kendall and Robert Nathan

Lucky Bastard, directed by Robert Nathan and co-written with Lukas Kendall, brings new life to the faux-doc genre in this fast-paced porn-thriller. We got Nathan and Kendall to recount the creation of their smart, uniquely updated, genre-bending film. Lucky Bastard is an NC-17 “porn thriller” about an adult entertainment shoot gone wrong. A website gives a regular [...]

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We Make Movies (Better): Inside the Distributor’s Mind with Precious Hilton
by Andrea Dolbec

Securing distribution is that final nail in the construction project of making a movie—but it’s so hard to tell what exactly goes through the minds of a potential buyer. We Make Movies actor/writer/producer Andrea Dolbec (Hot Zombie Crush) sat down with film distributor Precious Hilton, CEO of Hilton Entertainment Group, to get the dish on [...]

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DIY Monday: WeVideo Brings Cloud Editing to the Masses
by Timothy Rhys

The Youtube era has undoubtedly ushered in a new generation of storytellers. Timothy Rhys explores the vision of  WeVideo, an affordable new cloud-based editing program, by speaking to CEO Jostein Svendsen — a man who believes his company is revolutionizing the way this generation will tell and share its stories. While wandering around the San Jose [...]

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Copy of BMCC3

Tech Review: On Set with Blackmagic’s Cinema Camera
by Frederick Schroeder

A working cinematographer puts Blackmagic’s Cinema Camera through its paces, finding it a superb deal for less than $2,000. This article appears in our upcoming Winter 2014 issue of MovieMaker, hitting stands late this January. In the last five years or so, nothing has changed the capturing of motion picture images more than the introduction [...]

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DIY Monday: Telling the Truth Without Paying for it
by David Albert Pierce, Esq.

Fact or fiction? For this week’s DIY Monday MovieMaker is exploring how to limit your liability when adapting a true story for film, which as history tells us can be a long and arduous process. This article appears in the Fall 2013 issue of MovieMaker, on stands now. Adapting a true story for film can be [...]

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A Quick Primer on Music Licensing and How to Crowdsource it
by Vince Lynch

This article by Vince Lynch, founder of online music community Synkio, appeared in our 2013 Complete Guide to Making Movies special issue earlier this year. In monastic life, silence is golden. In the film world, silence is golden, too—though its value has a converse relationship to money. Licensing music for a scene can cost a [...]

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New Picture (16)

DIY Monday: A Guide to Social Media Movie Promotion, Part Two
by Sheri Candler

Everyone knows a good marketing campaign needs a social media component, but are you really using it to its maximum potential? Two weeks ago, Sheri Candler taught us how to ramp up the impact of your film and your brand on Facebook and YouTube. Today she follows up with the other biggies, Twitter, Pinterest and [...]

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We Make Movies (Better): iZotope RX 3 Turns Picture Editors into Audio Editors
by Sam Mestman

We Make Movies’ Sam Mestman reviews the iZotope RX 3 for this week’s DIY Monday blog post. Okay, so full disclosure here: I’m not really an audio guy. I’ve watched a couple of tutorials, and I kind of know how to EQ and apply a compressor here and there. I’m consistently amazed by audio professionals—how [...]

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Freddie Wong YT channel

DIY Monday: A Guide to Social Media Movie Promotion, Part One
by Sheri Candler

Everyone knows a good marketing campaign needs a social media component, but are you really using it to its maximum potential? For the latest installment of her DIY blog, Sheri Candler spells out exactly how to best optimize each platform – in Part One this week, Facebook and YouTube. Look for Part Two (Twitter, Pinterest [...]

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