One Setting, One Hour: How Audrey Pulled Off a Single Location
by Dean Pollack

Filmmaker and editor Dean Pollack’s work has appeared everywhere from Bravo and Hulu to Adult Swim. He just completed his second directorial effort, the feature film Audrey, which traces a single hour in a woman’s day. He discusses the advantages and disadvantages encountered shooting a film set in real time on a single location. Not […]

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Gathr Feature

Alternative Bedfellows: Gathr’s New Fund Puts Crowdfunded Films in Theaters
By Heidi Honeycutt

Even low-budget indie films funded on Kickstarter will have a shot at theatrical distribution. Demand-based theatrical screening organizer, Gathr, is specifically targeting crowd-funded films via a new acquisitions fund. By advancing $20,000 to up to 25 completed crowd-funded films (with a minimum of 1,000 backers) each year, in return for theatrical distribution rights, Gathr is […]

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It's Gawd Featured

She’s Just Not That Into You: The 10 Most Important Lessons To Know Before You Make A Deal With SAG
By Randy Bobbitt

This Wisdom Wednesday, producer Randy Bobbitt (It’s Gawd) shares invaluable lessons he’s learned about the SAG signatory process. Engaging SAG can be a tricky process, but here, Bobbitt provides the necessary nuts and bolts. “I don’t know the name of the document! There are too many documents! I can’t deal with this anymore. I have […]

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Copy of Nick&Jen1

Mixing Mediums: On the Differences in Directing Shorts, Features and TV
By David Greenspan

What’s the difference between making a short film versus a feature film versus an episode of television? For David Greenspan – director of the Palme d’Or-winning short “Beancake,” the upcoming feature 51-50 Mall Cop, and 53 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy – the two biggest differences are time and creative control. In film, your budget and […]

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DIY Monday:Complete Works‘ Journey to the Small Screen
By Giancarlo Balarezo

Complete Works, produced by Kingdom for a Horse Productions, is a web series that recently premiered on Hulu. Here, producer Giancarlo Balarezo talks about how the team pitched, cold-called and networked their way into the right VOD distribution deal for their show. The five-part comedy series follows Hal, a naïve, Shakespeare-obsessed community college student from […]

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Copy of Chalk Talk Still 3

DIY Monday: Sharpen Up Your Short Film’s Screenplay Before Page One
by Chris Durenberger

You just got a great concept for a short film. It moves you. It excites you. It scares you because it’s too good not to make, and now that responsibility rests on your shoulders. Take a deep breath. Right now it’s just a concept and any concept can be molded into a form you can […]

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DIY Distribution Inspiration: The Journey of Generation Iron
by Vlad Yudin

Director-producer Vlad Yudin’s documentary, Generation Iron (narrated by Mickey Rourke), follows the top seven professional bodybuilders in the world, training and competing to win the sport’s coveted title, Mr. Olympia. The film, which Yudin self-distributed through his own Vladar Company in the fall of 2013, earned $850,000 stateside and over $1 million overseas—not shabby at […]

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How They Did It: When Genres Collide: Making NC-17 Found-Footage Porn Thriller Lucky Bastard
by Lukas Kendall and Robert Nathan

Lucky Bastard, directed by Robert Nathan and co-written with Lukas Kendall, brings new life to the faux-doc genre in this fast-paced porn-thriller. We got Nathan and Kendall to recount the creation of their smart, uniquely updated, genre-bending film. Lucky Bastard is an NC-17 “porn thriller” about an adult entertainment shoot gone wrong. A website gives a regular […]

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We Make Movies (Better): Inside the Distributor’s Mind with Precious Hilton
by Andrea Dolbec

Securing distribution is that final nail in the construction project of making a movie—but it’s so hard to tell what exactly goes through the minds of a potential buyer. We Make Movies actor/writer/producer Andrea Dolbec (Hot Zombie Crush) sat down with film distributor Precious Hilton, CEO of Hilton Entertainment Group, to get the dish on […]

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DIY Monday: WeVideo Brings Cloud Editing to the Masses
by Timothy Rhys

The Youtube era has undoubtedly ushered in a new generation of storytellers. Timothy Rhys explores the vision of  WeVideo, an affordable new cloud-based editing program, by speaking to CEO Jostein Svendsen — a man who believes his company is revolutionizing the way this generation will tell and share its stories. While wandering around the San Jose […]

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